Larimer County Colorado HCG Diet Doctors

Patricia Keller, FNP
Patricia Keller, FNP

In her 30 years of medical experience, Larimer County HCG Diet Specialist Patricia Keller, FNP at Fall River Wellness she has never found a medical weight loss program that compares to the HCG Diet. This comprehensive medical weight loss plan is tailored to each patient’s specific needs and weight loss goals.

She and the staff at Fall River Wellness obtains each the patient’s medical history, learn about their weight loss goals, and assess their lifestyle habits in order to develop an expert plan to optimize success. Patricia Keller has helped patients from across the Larimer County area, and is always happy to answer questions and concerns about losing weight and the HCG Diet.

I see myself as a very positive coach and partner in weight loss. There is lots of grace for where you are in the process. I am warm and compassionate and help you feel comfortable. I find it incredibly rewarding to help patients meet their goals, and HCG is the most effective weight loss tool I have ever used.
Patricia Keller, FNP

HCG Weight Loss for Larimer County Women

When a woman uses HCG while observing a low-calorie diet, her body taps into fat stores to make sure her body gets its required nutrients. Additionally, higher amounts of body fat can offset the progesterone to estrogen ratios as body fat contains estrogen. Excess body fat may lead to estrogen dominance, and because estrogen promotes tissue growth, higher levels of estrogen can raise the risks of developing breast or uterine cancer, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, and fibrocystic breasts. The HCG Diet can help women avoid developing estrogen dominance and reduce the risk of many health-related conditions by creating an HCG diet plan customized for their bodies.

HCG Weight Loss for Larimer County Men

Although HCG is produced naturally in a woman’s body, men can also benefit from the HCG diet and do not need to worry about any side effects related to sexual function or masculinity. The HCG hormone works the same way in a man’s body as it does in a woman’s body, and men can lose weight without sacrificing lean muscle mass. Usually men lose an average of one pound per day with many male patients losing as much as 30 pounds with just one course of an HCG diet program, helping men gain a leaner appearance, and greater energy levels can boost confidence, libido, and intimacy.

Call Larimer County HCG Diet Specialist Patricia Keller, FNP at Fall River Wellness to learn more about how the HCG Diet can help you reach your weight loss goals.